about us

Presidio Bay is a commercial real estate investment and development firm focused on the design, construction and long-term operation of a diverse set of product types for private and public sector tenants across the United States.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Presidio Bay's primary expertise is in new construction and major renovation of complex, mid to large-scale office buildings, mixed-use urban infill multifamily communities, industrial distribution centers, and other special-use facilities.

We have developed projects totaling 3,200,000 square feet of new construction and adaptive reuse valued in excess of $2.2 billion across the United States and its outlying territories.

In addition to development, Presidio Bay's expertise encompasses private and public sector advisory work, asset management services, and strategic venture investment in early-stage commercial real estate technology companies.


Presidio Bay specializes in opportunistic, risk-adjusted, value-add investments that often involve a high degree of creativity, navigation of complex entitlements, building grassroots community support, value-design, and adaptive reuse or ground-up construction. 

Our multifamily and office investments are focused in urban-infill locations across California with a concentration in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego counties. 

Our corporate build-to-suit practice has expanded our development activity across the United States and its outlying territories, having successfully executed ground-up construction projects in eight states, ranging from Guam in the Mariana Islands to the State of Louisiana.

government services

Presidio Bay's senior team experience includes several years of work from within the Real Estate Acquisition Division of the US General Services Administration, and collectively we have sourced, negotiated and executed over 850,000 sq. ft. representing $450MM+ in project costs for the development of mission-critical facilities for the US Government. 

We provide an intimate knowledge of the GSA real estate market, federal agency lease structures, build-out specifications, operational costs and a wide network of contacts within this niche from which to source and underwrite optimal investments.

Presidio Bay undertakes advisory roles for institutional owners involved with or pursuing government tenants, by providing guidance and insight to the entire ownership team, including asset managers, counsel, lenders, brokers, and property managers. 

We have prepared bid materials for new lease acquisitions; structured and negotiated lease extensions, expansions, renewals; provided project management services overseeing the design and construction of new facilities or renovation of existing leased premises; audited operational expenses, property tax adjustments and related CPI escalation; and assisted with asset acquisitions and dispositions.


Presidio Bay offers advisory services to our strategic partners by providing the full spectrum of development expertise required to undertake even the most complex of projects. We provide the following services:

Presidio Bay has established in-depth market relationships to gain insight into specific asset positioning prior to making an investment commitment. This requires a deep understanding of market dynamics, current trends, and the underlying physical characteristics of the subject property, all of which we use as a basis to perform comprehensive financial underwriting to determine a project’s feasibility.

Presidio Bay ensures that all projects are designed with a careful eye to preserve the local character and spirit of the community, while embracing new and modern design techniques that provide both aesthetic and economic value to the project. Our planning & design services work in tandem with our underwriting efforts to ensure that the project remains within budget and on schedule.

Presidio Bay has successfully perfected complex entitlements of commercial, residential and government buildings in San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles counties, some of the most tightly regulated jurisdictions for new development. We manage and collaborate with best-in-class teams of architects, engineers, policy advocates and land-use attorneys, who ensure that all the correct applications, permits, and associated reports, inspections and fees are filed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Presidio Bay adheres to a process-driven planning approach. Initial constructability reviews help define a project scope while subsequent feasibility input from architects, engineers, subcontractors and other field team experts refine the initial vision into a clearly articulated strategy. Extensive planning and past project wisdom establish the delivery schedule and project milestones while market research and thorough subcontractor communications inform a comprehensive budget to which all team members are held accountable.

Our specific expertise includes ground-up, new construction of multifamily and office buildings, special-use government facilities, structural retrofit projects, and historical rehabilitation and restoration in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior Standards. We frequently represent ownership groups by lending our construction management expertise to advise on critical project decisions and ensure a successful outcome for our clients.

asset management

Presidio Bay is committed to the long-term operation and management of assets on behalf of our investors long after project stabilization. We provide the full suite of asset management services including financial reporting, audit management, performance dashboards, lender compliance, property management oversight, fostering tenant relationships, and on-going operations and maintenance.

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